Did I choose the right degree course?

Okay, so, my fourth year of university is probably not the ideal time to start voicing these doubts, but I’ve had them pretty much since day one. Did I ever do anything about it? No, because I am stubborn as hell (and also couldn’t really be arsed with the effort).

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my degree course… I just only really enjoy half of it enough to properly throw myself into studying. My course is an integrated masters in Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry. Yes, they are different things, but essentially I do biochemistry and chemistry. And therein lies the problem.

Because chemistry got a whole lot more tedious and physics-like at university, and the biological stuff is just way more interesting. Who cares about p-orbitals when there are enzymes called flippase, floppase and scramblase?!

So now I’m here, kinda wishing I’d just given up the chemistry stuff and switched to a biochemistry one, instead of having to learn organic chemistry mechanisms which genuinely are killing off my brain cells.

And no, I’m not being over-dramatic.

But then, knowing the chemistry stuff has come in handy and made me even better with my biochemistry. So it’s not all bad, and I do still harbor love for the chem, it just pales in comparison to my biochemical feels.

Still, I guess I’m going to have to carry on being stubborn and hopefully graduate with a decent degree with a course name no one understands while I chuckle to myself about protein naming. #biochemistandproud


4 thoughts on “Did I choose the right degree course?

  1. Morwenna's nutrition says:

    This is so relate able – I literally quit chemistry! hahaha I started uni on the medicinal and biological chemistry course and stuck it out for a year knowing I couldn’t relate to the chemistry. It’s definitely not over dramatic. I have respect for you still doing it (you can do it!)


    • sciwitch says:

      ahhhh that course is so similar to mine! thanks ahaha, kinda wish I’d gone down your route ;3 nutrition is quite different from MBC though! but you seem like you really enjoy it?


      • Morwenna's nutrition says:

        I thought it was! I’m sure you made the right choice, you’ve got so far now! Will open up lots of fab opportunities 🙂 Yeah nutrition is so much more biology (I never ever wanted to do a biology degree and look where I have ended up haha) Yeah i do which is good! think being able to relate it all to real life so easily is good and I can see myself doing it in the future


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