I Don’t Wear Bras Now

So, like most girls in the Western world, I was so excited when I was finally allowed to go bra shopping with my mum at the tender age of 11. I remember practically skipping with excitement into Marks and Sparks, flitting through lots of tiny bras and finally feeling “grown-up”.

Over the next few years, I grew and ended up with a pretty decent pair of breasts. Whilst I was happy with how they looked, I’d end every day in slight pain and covered in indents from the bra of the day. I kept being measured and fitted with supposedly the right sizes but to no avail. Even my “comfiest” bra was decidedly uncomfortable, and after years and years of enduring it, I started to ask why I bothered in the first place.

Well, many people are quick to answer this for you. You don’t want to sag do you?! Clearly if you don’t wear a bra, your nipples will be down to your feet before too long… And if you have large breasts, you *need* a bra, otherwise they hurt. And god forbid anyone should see that you have nipples?!

On the topic of saggy tits, am I scared? Urm, no. Because for one thing I’m a little bit skeptical that wearing bras magically defies gravity. Just because they are being held up does not mean that they are no longer aging. But the main reason is, so what if they get saggy when I’m old? I’ll *be* old. Everything sags and wrinkles. And you know what? That’s okay. That’s human.

Also, I can honestly say, since not wearing a bra for two years now, going bra-less does not hurt. Especially compared to wearing a bra. I’m a 36E and going without a bra is just… normal. It’s freeing, but ONLY because I felt forced to wear a bra by society for so many years. Now, I don’t even think about it, and it’s just so nice.

Lastly, oh my gosh, I have nipples. And yes, when you aren’t wearing a padded bra, sometimes you can see them poking out a bit. EVERYBODY HAS NIPPLES. Why is it suddenly so shocking when women, who actually have a use for them, turn out to have functional nips?! I really struggle to understand why women’s nipples are naughty whilst men’s are normal. How can you have good and bad nipples? It is truly bizarre. So no, it doesn’t bother me if people can see that I have nipples or when I see that other people do, though I do wear a bralette (like a lacey crop top thing) if the top I am wearing is pretty much see-through; they’re quite cheap, unlike bras, and prevents me from giving more traditional people heart-attacks.

So, if wearing a bra is good for you and doesn’t cause you discomfort, then go for it. But if it is hurting you and you can’t be bothered, then just go without one, or invest in a lil bralette without wires. In conclusion, my boobs are much happier now I’ve done away with their cages.


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