I Need My Female Friends

Sometimes we girls just need someone that will be blunt, but caring; strong but understanding and who will listen to you for hours blubbering over Skype. And I’ve been really lucky over the years to have found a score of strong beautiful women that I am so so proud to call my friends.

Girls have just got each other’s backs, and it’s amazing. And don’t get me wrong, female-male friendships are special too, but there’s just a certain vibe I get when in a lovely group of girls. It’s why I wasn’t surprised at all when my best friend came out as a transgender female – because we’d had that girly best friendship for years already; it just felt right to have that confirmed.

Girls are the people you can call early in the morning because you’re having boyfriend troubles, girls will come over to check on you after lectures because they found out you were ill, they’ll be the ones to chat about that awkward sex you had that one time. The amount of stupid, hilarious, frank, dodgy conversations I’ve had with my besties means that they have become normal – and that is something to be grateful for. Because I don’t have to worry while I’m around them, I can be myself.

I have seen quite a few posts about how being alone or by yourself can be really empowering. I have seen relatable posts about things best friends do. But I think what are needed are just appreciative posts about girly best friends who are just always there. You don’t even have to talk to them every day, but you know that once you open up to them, they are there and won’t judge you (too much) if you end up snotting on them while crying your eyes out. I personally hate being alone. I’d much rather have my gaggle of girls floating around.



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