To buy or not to buy presents?

Urgh. This time of year is so stressful with all the present buying, and I’ll be honest, I usually completely fail at buying presents in time (as some of my friends well know, oops). But this year I decided to be really good and do all my christmas shopping well in advance. And it was here, at the very first step, that I encountered my first problem. Who am I actually buying for?

I approached this in a very momsy way, and made a list. I love lists. And the names were stacking up and up. I mean, I love having so many wonderful friends, but wow, buying pressies for people is haaaaarddd. And then I thought, “Ah. I have forgotten. I have a boyfriend now.” And had to add all of his family to the list. And he has a biiiiiiig family, who are all very lovely and welcoming and I couldn’t *not* get them a present – they’ve been very kind to me this year and I only starting meeting them in February!

So I decided, after looking at my bank account, which had already been hit hard by my commuting to uni in Notts each week, to just go for it. Christmas only comes once a year, and I have savings, so I dipped into those.

But now, I have decided to put some measures in place to control my spending. It’s not present-buying that concerns me, it’s all the clothes and take-outs that eat up my cash. So, I’m going to put my new rules on the internet and if you see me breaking them, then call me out and make me be good!

  1. At meals, only order tap-water and not diet coke! Diet coke is a special drink reserved for pub drinkies only now, as it’s so expensive. I don’t drink alcohol so I already save there (don’t think I’m without vices, I eat way too much chocolate to be called healthy so I don’t judge).
  2. Don’t buy any more clothes unless it’s replacing an item you *have* to throw out. I have an addiction to clothes shopping. I have way too many and I NEED TO STOP BUYING MORE. (Seriously, Sarah, please stop. You don’t even have anywhere to put them now. Resist the shiny things. Please.)
  3.  Don’t eat out or buy a  bottled drink on the way to or back from uni. From now on, I’m not buying anything at the train stations or at uni unless I am meeting up with someone else. If I’m by myself, I should remember to drink from my water bottle in my bag or wait till I’m home to eat. I. Must. Resist. Wasabi. At. The. Train. Station.
  4. Save up for adventures after uni. Now I have a goal to save up for – joining my partner Ross on his travels around Europe in his van (follow him @vanbamthankyoumaam on Instagram) when I finish uni in June. I’ve just got a new job in retail so hopefully I can start adding regularly to my lil savings pot!

So, there you go. In conclusion: I spent too much money; you should probably try to avoid that and I have new life rules. Go me. (Oh and Merry Christmas!)



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