The Shiniest Shiny Dr Martens

Squeeee. These boots make me *so* happy. I feel like a human magpie sometimes – shiny things definitely attract me and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen shoes as beautifully shiny as these. They’re called the Dr Martens Pascal Sparkle and you can find them on their website here.

Now I’ve been a Dr Martens fan for a while – I currently own 3 pairs of boots (including these) and some pretty sandals, which I’m sure I’ll post photos of in summer. My parents (who am I kidding, it’s totally just my mum who buys these things for me, dad has no clue) got me all of these for various birthdays over the years, and I adore them.

My first pair of docs were some patent lilac boots, but just a week after having them, puppy Sherlock decided to eat them, and in doing so ripped the patent material off them. So, bit of advice, don’t buy the patent docs if you have a young puppy in the house as they will be promptly destroyed. But these sparkly docs are so perfect, and I love them, and I’m sure that even Sherlock is so mesmerised by their beauty that he can’t bring himself to annihilate them.


The absolute best thing about the Pascal Sparkle boots is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO WEAR THEM IN. As much as I adore docs, they basically carve up your feet when you buy them brand new. So, you know how most shoes you wear in so that they fit to your feet? Dr Martens are the opposite. They change the shape of your feet to fit the boots, and it bloody hurts for the first few months. Imagine lots of sores and blisters, my friend, and you’d be on the mark. But I felt like a real-life Cinderella when trying on this pair – they fit like a glove straight away, and are so supple and soft that there is no pain. HALLELUJAH, A DR MARTEN SHOE THAT DOESN’T CAUSE INTENSE PAIN! It’s a bloody miracle.

Dr Martens as a brand are kinda well-known for being long-lasting, but I can’t really comment on the longevity of the Pascal Sparkle boots yet since I’ve only had them since early December. I.e. my new booty babies are only three months old. But going from my other shoes from the company, the long-lived legends are true. I mean, I’m pretty renowned (to myself and my mother that is) for going through shoes really quickly. I think I must walk in a stupid way that somehow means that I scrape my shoes against each other? It’s really an unsolved mystery as to how I go through so many shoes, but despite wearing docs pretty much every day, they last and last.

I really really love these shoes (in case you hadn’t picked up on that vibe already), and if I could, I would permanently attach them to my feet so I could be forever part of the shininess. They just look cool, feel comfy and are SO SHINY.



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