Leaf Backpack

This is not a backpack “with leaves on”, it is literally made from leaves from a Shorea robusta (also known as ‘Sal’) tree in India, coated in a mysterious “water-resistant polymer”. I oh so wanted to love this backpack and at first I really did.

Somehow I get through a backpack (typically from Topshop or Urban Outfitters) every year or so and it was becoming really frustrating that they always broke in some way. My partner suggested that maybe I should spend a little more money and invest in a bag that would actually last, so I decided to do just that. I wanted something that was vegan and eco-friendly but was a good quality, and so after scouring etsy.com (because it is the cutest site for the weird and wonderful), I eventually found this vegan leaf backpack for ยฃ65.

“Premium quality backpack” was the first line in the description, and all of the reviews raved about it so I went for it and decided on the gorgeous teal colour – mostly because my mama has banned me from buying black bags as she believes I already wear too much black…

For the first two months, it was perfect. It held all of my crap perfectly, looked beautiful and I was content in the knowledge that nothing had died or suffered in order for me to have a bag. So far, so good. But after about the fourth month, there were suddenly rips in the top of the bag, and soon after they were so substantial that the bag wasn’t really waterproof anymore. ยฃ65 and I had actually managed to buy a bag that broke *before* my older cheaper ones. Impressive.

I’m just really disappointed because it seemed like my ideal bag. But now I’ve tried, tested and reviewed it, hopefully less people will try it and waste their money. I can imagine that smaller items, such as a purse, made out of the same material would be fine, but clearly the material is not strong enough to cope with carrying heavy objects, like notebooks and my big fat purse (jk, I’m a student, I have no money).



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