Positivity During A Week from Hell

I’m sure we can all relate to having “just one of those days” or weeks, or even months if you are *really* unlucky… So I’m going to share with you my own week from hell, and how I tried to stay positive through it (note the word ‘tried’ because I had my ups and downs).

My parents have gone on a cruise, which they thoroughly deserve and I really really hope they are having an amazing time, and have left me to dog-sit Sherlock and Watson. I’ve done this COUNTLESS times before and it’s been easy and fine. I’m 23 years old and I know these doggies and look after them all the time, so I wasn’t expecting any problems with them (haaa, how wrong I was).

So after the parents went on their lil trip, I was driving my friend to her interview. On the way back, my tyre somehow got punctured and as I got out of the car, I could hear this very loud hissing noise.Β I’ve only been driving since the end of January and I have never had to change a tyre before and I didn’t even know where to start. My car was just sadly sat outside of my house for a day while I worked up the courage to call the AA, while secretly hoping the tyre would fix itself and I’d be able to drive to get chocolate to cheer myself up (priorities, ladies and gentlemen!). Β So that was shitty thing number 1.

The next day, my second shitty thing happened and the dogs, who had been all growly and funny with each other for a few days, had a massive fight and refused to sleep in the same room as each other. Despite their grumpiness leading to this, both barked and howled during the night, and so when I had to get up at 6am for work, I was absolutely shattered and pretty grumpy with my pooches.

Then on Wednesday, the third shitty thing occurred, and this suddenly becomes very literal, because I dropped my mobile down the toilet. And the phone fell in BEFORE I managed to flush… Needless to say, the bowl of rice was not enough to revise my pooey-wee phone and I just wasted a whole bowl of rice, which was almost as upsetting as my phone drowning in piss. Almost.

The dogs were still going crazy the next day and night, and *still* refused to sleep in the same room and kept me up with their barking. I felt like a complete fail as an adult; like I had been cursed and I was so fed up of people asking me about rice that I couldn’t bring myself to order any with my curry (which I *had* to have to cheer me up, obviously).

But then everything started to come together and I realised that all of those things could happen to anyone (especially after being reminded of this by my boyfriend, my best friend’s mum who has been checking up on me, and my lil sister). My sister also came home to help support me with the doolally doodle situation, and the AA sent a lovely man called Damian to fix my tyre and we joked about my poop phone.

At the end of the day, things happen that are sometimes out of our control, or we make mistakes, and that’s alright. We can always fix them later and things will eventually be alright again, and we learn from our mistakes. I am so thankful for the people around me who reassured me I am not a fail, and now I’m pretty proud of myself for dealing with everything how I have – I got my tyre fixed and had lovely chats with AA men on the phone and in person; I got a new working phone; I’ve tried different things to get the dogs to settle and they finally slept in the same room last night and seem to be getting on better! Things are looking up, and I think I’ve lifted my own curse (cross fingers).

So remember to stick through things, don’t be afraid to ask for support or share with people when things are going wrong, and believe in yourself and be brave! Those are the things that I’ve definitely learnt after this nightmare week.

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