‘Fired Up’ Matte Lipstick by Soap and Glory

I basically used to have this fear of wearing red. Whether it was a dress, or even a hint of red on some shoes, it scared me and I had this intense feeling that it would look awful on me.

Now, however, I am embracing the red life, and it all started with having darker hair again and having a spontaneous moment in Boots (all my best moments are spontaneous ha). Sooo, I was going on a bit of a make-up binge, trying out different highlighters, blush and a contour stick because I’m so adventurous, and I sauntered up to the till, feeling very proud of myself. And then the lady told me that I could have an extra Soap and Glory item for free, so I raced back to the stand and had to make a snap decision.

SNAP. I chose a red lipstick. I handed it over to the cashier lady and my brain was like “What have you done?! Are you ever going to wear that red lipstick?” Well, past-Sarah-brain, yes I did and it looks FABULOUS. I am so so happy with this lipstick, despite it being the quickest decision I have ever made.

It is nice and creamy and smooth over my lips, I don’t need a stupid lip pencil to wear it – I’m lazy and cheap so anything that requires an extra product makes me annoyed, and it looks bad-ass and beauts. I actually wear it quite a lot now, and it’s one of my fave lipsticks. So, Soap and Glory, you did good, and you get bonus points for the branding: anything with SEXY MOTHER-PUCKER on the side is a winner.


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