Vagabond Dioon Chelsea Boots

I spent bloody ages trying to find the perfect pair of casual black boots with a bit of a heel (it’s nice to enjoy being tall once in a while when you come from a family of hobbits). I went into Topshop, River Island, Schuh, New Look and so many other big and little high-street shops just trying to find a stylish pair of heeled boots that didn’t hurt my feet. This seemed like an impossible task for weeks.

I even remember in River Island, I was trying on one pair and they were so uncomfortable, I said to the sales assistant “Look, all I am looking for is a pair of boots that won’t hurt me and are comfortable, do you have any recommendations?”. And she looked at me like I was crazy and said she couldn’t think of any and wasn’t sure they even existed. Well, thanks.

I eventually ended up in Office, with a sinking feeling that I was doomed to be short and boot-less for my whole life, when I saw these beauties. The chunky heel was what grabbed me first. I used to own a beautiful pair of boots that had a very similar chunky heel, but unfortunately the sole came off. I was so in love with them though, that I refused to stop wearing them until my now-boyfriend but then best-friend told me I was being ridiculous and they needed to be chucked. Sigh.

But I tried these shoes on and my goodness, they were so comfy. And they still are. I can even drive in these boots, and I thought I’d never be able to drive in heels. I love these boots.

If they weren’t ยฃ90, I’d have bought two pairs. I was a bit sad about the price, but it had taken me so long to find ANYTHING comfy and I’d already fallen head over heels (ha) with these booties, so I just went for it. And I think they might be worth the price for no blisters or hurty feet.

I’m so glad I found these shoes. So it’s a big big YAY from me. Yay. You can get them here.


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