Game of Thrones Series by George R.R. Martin

After about 6 years of being told to read these bloody books by everyone I finally did it and kicked myself for waiting so long. There’s a reason they are so popular and “mainstream”. It’s because they are amazing.

They have everything you need in a great fantasy series: complexity, amazing characters, badass women, a pretty good map of a fantasy world and enviable magical beasts (I want a direwolf and a dragon). Plus, I love how sex scenes are included, it makes the whole thing just a bit more “real”.

I’m not gonna lie, I am seriously behind with the TV series, which I only started watching properly once I’d got stuck into the books. But it is just as good. I love both. And I think that is pretty rare – for both the books and TV series to be brilliant in their own rights.

If you have been holding off reading them because you don’t want to become just another Game of Thrones fan (which is kinda what I did, if I’m being honest), then just get over it and pick up the book because you won’t regret it.

I got through the series pretty quickly, because damn, our George knows how to use a cliff-hanger. The only problem now is that I’ve finished the books but the story hasn’t finished. I appreciate that you have a life, Mr Martin, and that you’ve already bought out seven books which is very impressive, but I NEED TO READ THE EIGHTH ONE RIGHT NOW. Okay? Cool.

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