Paddington: Here and Now by Michael Bond

Okay, so I am well aware that the Paddington Bear stories are meant for children but sometimes you just need a little injection of innocence into your life, and Paddington can do just that!

I’m sure that the bear in the big hat from Darkest Peru will bring back some fond childhood memories to many people, and indeed that is why I found my hand reaching for it from my bookcase the other night.

So I DEFINITELY recommend Paddington stories if you have a small child to read to – I’ve heard the grumbles of parents who get super bored reading certain children books. But if I (a 23 year old with no children to use as an excuse) can enjoy this book, then I think it’s perfect for children and parents alike.

Even as it did when I was younger, the stories of the rather haphazard bear had me smiling and giggling, much to the astonishment of my mum. She looked at me like I was crazy when she caught me reading this book, and shook her head at me. But I have very little shame nowadays (trust me) so I carried on and ignored her tutting.

At the end of reading Paddington: Here and Now, I even felt like maybe trying some marmalade sandwiches but luckily I regained my senses because I hate marmalade with a fiery passion. It is clearly a very influential and inspiring book.

So I think the moral of my unusual little book post it that if you ever feel like saying hello to an old childhood favourite, then ignore the haters (i.e. my mum, ha) and go for it!

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