Adulthood Is A Myth by Sarah Andersen

I was overjoyed to find this book in a shop in Oxford a few months ago – I’d been following Sarah Andersen’s illustrations and cute comics for a while on social media and loved them. And I just knew I should buy this book to help support another badass Sarah who is equally confused by adulthood, so it was a tenner well spent!

I don’t think it is just me who finds these comics so very (occasionally uncomfortably) relatable. Whether it’s a funny quip about periods, or how amazing getting paid is until you realise it’s a lot less money than you thought once you start spending, she hits the mark every time. Adulthood Is A Myth had me in fits of giggles all the way through and thinking “this is so me!”.

The only negative thing I have say about this book is pretty obvious – although the book consists of 109 pages of these genius drawings, because pictures are so much quicker to get through than words, I found that I finished the book really quickly. Like I said though, I was happy to spend the money on the book to support the artist, and I will definitely lend this book to friends to get the most of my money. But if ten pounds is too much for you to spend on a book of illustrations, then you can always check out Sarah Andersen on the internet: her website is here and her Instagram account can be found here.

If, however, you do feel like a book to cuddle up with, with guaranteed chuckles to be had and you can’t be bothered to focus on words, then do yourself a favour and flick through this book!

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