My Degree Results 

I’ve told a few people by now, but the whole thing doesn’t feel real. Okay, I’m just going to say it – I got a 2:1 in my Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry masters degree. And trust me, no-one could be happier and more elated than I feel right now.

This is where I say, hey I was wrong when I wrote my blog post about my impending results and I was convinced I was going to fail (you can read that here). I’m not going to lie – it feels great to be wrong and I am so so grateful to everyone in my life (those working at uni, my peers at uni who have helped me get through this last year, and my wonderful friends and family at home) for everything.

But I know that this time of year is when *a lot* of people get their results, and I want to say two things. 1) If you got what you wanted and you’re happy then congratulations, that is fabulous and I am very happy for you. but 2) Not everyone *is* happy with their results, and if that’s you, then I send you even more love. I know how crap it feels to fail something or not do as well as you’d hoped, and how horrible it is to have to tell others how you did.

If number 2 applies to you, then don’t worry. Because yes, maybe getting a higher degree mark makes life a bit easier for a little while, but this number is NOT who you are and now’s the time to succeed and kick-ass in the rest of your life. Remember that results do not define us, it’s what we do next that counts. So here’s to the rest of our lives and good luck!

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