IMy New SAMSUNG A5 (2017 model)

Wellllll, hello 2017! I might be far behind on Love Island and Game of Thrones, but I finally have an up to date phone since I purchased the SAMSUNG A5 phone a couple of weeks ago. Can I just say how lovely it is to finally be able to have apps?!

I’ve spent the fortnight playing Pokemon Go and I even downloaded Fruit Ninja (haaaaaa) to make up for my lost time! But as much as I know you want to hear all about the new Pokemon I’ve been catching (my faves are Snowflake the clefairy, Wigglebutt the Poliwag and Chico the abra), I suppose I should tell you about the actual phone.

Now, as a disclaimer, I am NOT a tech genius – in case you hadn’t picked that up from my references to my previous mega shitty phone. In fact, I’m pretty oblivious about technology but I can still tell if something is rubbish. For example, my old phone (a Moto G) was rubbish. It froze, it shut down randomly, it took shitty photos (although i did prefer a nice blurry selfie, it can be very flattering) and it had so little memory that I could only have 2 apps on my phone (which were Facebook Messenger and Instagram in case you were wondering). Oh and sometimes it decided that even that was too much for it and wouldn’t open them. So maybe I love this phone so much because it actually does its job and works?

Other things it does better than the old phone: it has a shiny new camera which means lots of high quality photos of my dogs on my Instagram Story; I can store lots of apps, hallelujah, and photos; and it runs smoothly with no freezing or wobbly moments. I love it when tech doesn’t sulk. If you want that said in tech terms: it has a 16 megapixel camera and 32 GB internal memory (and you can add in an extra memory card if you want but I didn’t because I am cheap).

I also love the battery life on this one – its got about 16 hours of battery life on it, which I’ve tried and tested just today. Again, my old phone had to be charged after about 6 hours so it’s GREAT not to have worry about my phone dying on me while I’m out and about.

Recently, its waterproofing was also (accidentally) tested when I spilt some celebratory diet coke (because I graduated woo, read about it here) over it before I got a case… But it didn’t react at all so hurrah!

There were four colours I could have chosen for the phone itself – peach cloud, blue, gold or black… Anyone who knows me should know that I had to go for peach cloud because it’s a lovely pastel pink and I am loving it this year. It’s the reason why I decided to go for a transparent case so I could still appreciate the colour of the phone!

But if I could change one thing about the A5, it would be the charger it uses. We all know how dickish Apple were for changing their charge ports around and making customers spend more on their new ones, and it appears that Samsung are going down that same route. Instead of being able to use the universal micro USB chargers, they’ve switched the A5 charge port to a random shape so that only a specific Samsung charger can be used. The slimy poops have now guaranteed that instead of stealing my mums charger when I inevitably lose this one, I instead have to go back to them and give them more money. Well Samsung, I ain’t impressed and it’s honestly the only downside to the A5 (so far anyway).

Buuuuuut, I still feel like a little girl at Christmas with my new toy, and I’m having the time of my life as a newborn Pokemon trainer, so I’m still pretty happy!

Yay or Nay?  A quiet yay because I’m praying I don’t lose the new charger anytime soon!

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