I’m A Snacker (Sigh)

I know exactly why I am overweight – it’s because I snack. And I love it. I LOVE SNACKS. They just taste so much better than meals and they’re so easy to consume.

One biscuit. Two biscuits. Then suddenly the whole packet is empty and I can hear in my head the echoes of my mum screaming “YOU’LL RUIN YOUR TEA!”. I know it’s bad, I know. Humans aren’t meant to snack, we’re meant to have three sensible meals a day.

I think the main issue is my sweet tooth and clearly my utter lack of control when it comes to sweet things. I know it’s very frustrating for my family and my boyfriend because I pick at savoury food and struggle to finish meals but when it comes to something sweet then I literally inhale it. If it wasn’t making me overweight it would be impressive!

Snacking was something that stopped when I was depressed because: 1) I couldn’t find the energy or confidence to go a shop and buy anything and 2) I didn’t enjoy food as much as I used to so didn’t really see the point.

But since being better *mentally*, this snacking habit has made me worse *physically* – ironic, right? So I guess it’s time to start working on it! I keep trying to cut snacking completely and then sacking it in because I’m tempting by something naughty.

I’ll also just say here, the main reason why I want to lose weight is because I want to be healthy (but I’d be lying if I said that society’s view of the perfect woman – which is definitely thinner than I currently am – hadn’t affected me at all).

My favourite “de-snacking advice” was picked up from the first  Bridget Jones film where she says she’s replaced food with sex. This sounds much more up my street, but being in a long distance relationship means that I can’t put it into practice (yet).

Essentially I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to stop shovelling food in my gob, but it really really is. Has anyone else struggled with their weight and snacking? Do you have any tips?

2 thoughts on “I’m A Snacker (Sigh)

  1. Morwenna's nutrition says:

    Snacking is okay!! Basically the three meal thing works for some people and not for others. I definitely snack between meals. Obviously having balanced meals is important to get nutrients and eat enough blah blah blah but snacks can be part of healthy eating too. It even help some peoples digestive systems run more smoothly. Plus I crave sugar allllllllllllllllllllll the time too. Snacking can actually keep your blood sugar levels more balanced throughout the day because you dont go long periods with no food and have dips (obv eating loads sugary snacks makes them go up and down a lot which isnt good but yeh). I’m not good at explaining or giving advice but I would say you dont need to stop snacking completely πŸ™‚ You could try different snacks, or smaller snacks, and find meals you like more so you get used to eating at ‘mealtimes’ if you wanted to! Also please dont lose weight because of society you are fab and I hate social media and the representation of women and ugh xxxx Ps, I’m going to try send you some body posi and food blogs/instas to follow as I’ve been listening/reading to lots of interesting view points recently (sorry if it takes me a while to do this/remember my brain has broken since uni hahaha and im going away to visit my brother for three weeks). A great starting point is Laura Thomas PhD who is a registered nutritionist who fights againt stupid stuff in the media and has an amazing podcast called dont salt my game which talks about loooooooooods of different life thing ie food, body image, anxiety, setting up a bakery business, pilates all sorts and i lvoe it and she shouts and swears about stuff and shes all about helping people with intuitive eating and mindful eating which isnt about weight loss or anything its about listening to your body etc etc and no restricting or anything which sounds like a load of wishy washy rubbish but its good so like some of it is like eating with no distractions so eat a meal or snack with no phone, no TV just sit and eat and notice and chew slowly and enough times which is somethin g like 20 and then you are more aware of how it tastes, how much you want, how hungry you are etc but it is a massive learning thing I cant even do it (Soz this was long I hope I have said something helpful + pls be kind to yourself)

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    • sciwitch says:

      I knew you’d give a really lovely helpful comment on this – thank you :3 I’d love to find more body posi stuff, I’d really appreciate anything you send me ! I follow bodyposipanda on Insta but a lot of her stuff I don’t find *that* relatable >_______< thank you so so much for helping ❀ you've given me a lot to think about :3


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