My First Patches Haul!

So, as many of you will know, in a couple of months I shall be embarking on my ultimate adventure – living in a van with my boyfriend for a few months (until my money runs out) and touring Europe!

But I’ve had to have a good think about what that means for my wardrobe. For practicality’s sake, I’ve decided that to save space and for maximum adventure capacity, I will mostly be taking jeans and tees with me in the van.

This has given me two problems. The first is that I now have lots of dresses and bits that I can’t take with me. I have solved this by putting them all on my Depop (click here if you fancy having a browse at my pieces for sale). The other problem is that I have few tee-shirts and I’m trying to save up for travelling so don’t want to spend a great deal. Also, I still want to look *good* and have an outfit that makes me feel a bit edgy.


My solution to the second problem has actually worked really well. I went to H&M (because it’s a slightly more ethical but relatively cheap high street clothing chain) and bought some oversized men’s tees (also the cheaper option). At this point, I could have a lil rant about how over-priced women’s clothing is compared to men’s but I’ll refrain (you get the gist anyhow).

I then browsed Etsy and found some affordable but cool patches to stick onto the H&M tees. I deliberated searched for iron-on patches because I am currently inept at sewing – I’m hoping though that one day I won’t be. I finally settled on 3 that I really wanted.


The first one was just so cool that I had to get it. It’s a Louis Theroux patch, from NaomiHopeDesigns with the infamous quote “I wasn’t sure what I’d just seen, but I knew it was time for me to leave”. I’ve been wearing it today for the first time, and it just cracks me up every time I see it in the mirror. LOVE. IT.

The second and third patches were both from Punky Pins. The witchy kitty is just adorable and I paired it with a lighter purple-ish top so that it can stand out nicely. It’s a bit smaller than the other two patches, but I think that makes it cuter somehow.


The third one is my gorgeous “Feminist and proud” patch, which I cannot wait to iron on to its tee. It took me a while longer to decide which tee to attach it to because I just wanted it to be perfect. In the end I went with a plain black t-shirt that I already had from Topshop, and now I just need to iron them together!


The first two are already finished and were so so easy to put together. You literally just let the iron heat up to a very hot temperature, pop a tea-towel over the patch and the tee-shirt, then iron over them both and hold for 30 seconds. Then you turn the patch/tee over and do the same on the back for 30 seconds. So it takes literally a minute to make your own personal (and potentially unique) tee-shirt! And for cheaper than buying a similar one from Topshop etc. It’s basically a no-brainer and I am loving my new t-shirts (though I must admit that my Louis combo is my favourite).

Yay or Nay? A yay to all – I’m now a patches convert!

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