My New Glasses by Moschino

After several months of phone calls and letters from my opticians telling me I was due an eye test, I finally decided to go to Specsavers and get some new spectacles. I’d been avoiding going for one reason – glasses are so bloody expensive!

The eye test alone costs over Β£30 if you’re not on benefits and then you have to buy the actual frames and lenses. Well, I decided that since I wear glasses every day and will be using my new glasses for at least the next two years, I was going to get ones that stood out and that I was completely in love with. Don’t get me wrong – I loved my old glasses (which were by Converse) but really wanted something a bit more kooky and feminine.

What I ended up getting fits that description exactly I think – these black cat eye glasses by Moschino. I was hesitant at first, and asked several opticians there what they thought before deciding “Ok, I’m gonna be brave and go for these.” And so I did.

I was right to be wary about all the money I’d be spending. Specsavers have this offer on – 2 for 1 – so I got myself some sunglasses as well. But when the whole thing came to Β£180 (with the eye test and anti-glare), it didn’t blimin’ well feel like 2 for 1! It’s taken me quite a few hours of my minimum wage job to afford it all!

I am very happy with my sunglasses though – they are Specsavers own and look amazing. I can just imagine myself cruising through the country in my van with them on, singing along to Grimes and feeling badass. They allow me to pretend that I’m cool, ha.

Yay or Nay? It’s a YAY to Moschino for producing these fabulous specs!

Does everyone else find glasses shopping as stressful as I do? So glad I don’t have to do it again for a few years now!

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