Being Well Rounded Is Impossible

If I think about the way I want to be, it can only be described as “well rounded”. I’d love to be able to have time for: academia (whether it’s studying or just doing something vaguely intellectual); something sporty, or even just going to the gym regularly; being social and hanging out with all the people I love; being able to record the things I love via my blogging/photography daily and giving back to society via some charity work. Oh and also having a job because we all need money. And maybe travelling occasionally on a weekend. Also chores need to be done, and a dozen other little things that we “need to do” crop up every week.

I think those goals are probably quite familiar to a lot of people, so I hope it’s not just me who thinks it’s bloody impossible to keep up with all of these things! Being able to study AND work is pretty difficult already (or at least it is if you put real effort into both of them and don’t doss), let alone adding in hobbies AND charity things AND seeing people etc. But I’m going to say something kind of radical here.

You are NOT a failure if you don’t do all these things. Or if you only do a couple of these things (presumably everyone does one of these things or they just sit on their arse all day). Frankly, there just isn’t enough time in the week to do *everything* we want to do, and that’s okay.

It is easy to get stressed about stuff or to feel like we aren’t doing enough (or maybe you feel like you are doing too much and can’t slow down). Well, you’ve somehow made time to read this little post, so you can probably maybe also make time to think about what makes you happy and what you *need* to do. This kinda ties in with my post about getting rid of my lists – it’s all about priorities and not stressing over not doing stuff.

Something my mother has always said to me occasionally comes to the surface of my brain to remind me of my priorities and that is “nothing is more important than your health!”. And it’s so true. Stressing over stuff we can’t do is bad for us – and what’s the point? It doesn’t create an extra 24 hours for us to magically do stuff, it just makes us unhappy and feel shit.

Instead, I’ve realised I do enough. I’m not going to beat myself up over things I can’t find time for and neither should you.

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