A Shiny Giant Jelly Bean and A Mexican Bakery (Day 1+2 of CHICAGO, USA)

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve been back and I’m still sleepy but not sure if that’s jetlag or my permanent state so it’s time to document an exciting week in ‘The Windy City’.

A little background is required so here we go: my boyfriend’s step-brother has been living in America for a couple of years with his partner. After a long period of dating, they got engaged (yayyy) and we all got invited to the wedding in Chicago (where the lovely bride is from). I felt so so thankful and blessed to be able to go so shout out/big thanks to my boyfriend’s family for making me feel so welcome and for taking me to the wedding.


We arrived in Chicago on Thursday afternoon and, despite being pretty out of it as we hadn’t managed to sleep on the eight and a half hour flight there, we had exciting plans for the evening! My boyfriend was going to the unofficial stag do with his brother and some friends, while I spent the evening with the bride and another friend carving pumpkins and nattering away (little note here – American pumpkins are bloody huge!). It was the perfect start to the week and we even got a goody bag of American snacks to take back to the hotel – nom.

On Friday I woke up surprisingly early, which never happens, and we headed out to the city. We had to get a double decker train in, which I’m sure I would have appreciated more if I didn’t have a fear of trains (but I can still admit that it was kinda cool as well as terrifying).

Being the type of person who is dictated to more by her stomach than anything else, I was instantly on the look out for food. I was a touch apprehensive about meals because I’d been told that it was harder to find vegetarian options in the states (and I’m not a big fan of salad) but we accidentally wandered into a place called Native Foods. It turned out to be completely vegan/plant-based and the food there was DELICIOUS so I definitely recommend it!

We then had a wander around and stumbled upon the giant shiny jelly bean, also known as Cloud Gate, and I forced my boyfriend to take a photo of me (featuring my new bobbly pink hat that I now wear everywhere despite it giving me awful hat hair).


Our next decision was pretty controversial since we headed out to Little Village to go to a record store by the label Numero Group, which specialises in discovering and highlighting forgotten pieces of music history. It’s only open on Fridays from 12pm, but it’s a very interesting spot to visit. When we told people at the wedding that we’d been to that area though, most people were concerned and told us we shouldn’t have gone. I’ve since googled the area and the first search term to come up is “Little Village crime” so I get their point…

We went during the day though and it was fine. I’m really glad we visited and got a better taste of the city. The record store was so unique and we also stumbled upon a Mexican bakery filled with cakes. As soon as my partner saw the trays in the shop, he turned to me and said “Sarah, I NEED a photo of you holding a tray full of cake” and I was happy to oblige – on the condition that we got to eat all the cakes I chose! They were goooooooood.

Engorged on cakes and feeling knackered, we headed back to the hotel and I fell into a blissful sleep.


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