A Wonderful Wedding and A Boat Tour (Day 3+4 in CHICAGO, USA)

I’ve been putting off doing my “diary entries” for the rest of my trip to Chicago because I didn’t really take many photos… But I’ve decided that I’m just going to go ahead anyway.

Our third day was actually my fave of the trip and the reason we were there – the wedding of my boyfriend’s brother and his wife. It was a charming affair in a little chapel on a Saturday morning, with only a handful of family and best friends. And okay, I *may* have cried a little because it was so romantic. It was a wedding where the love the couple has for each other is so obvious and huge and enduring. 

We had a delicious wedding brunch after (who knew wedding brunches were a thing?!) with the bride’s very welcoming and lovely family, followed by a cheeky nap in our hotel room before the reception. 

The reception in the evening was lots of fun, and I won’t go into it that much but I’ll just say that they know how to throw a party! 

The fourth day was very chilled (and was partially spent recovering from the day before). Once we’d finally got ourselves together, we went on an architecture boat tour down the Chicago River.

The guide was insanely knowledgeable, and eloquent. I would love to say that I now know lots about architecture buuuut I was too busy freezing my butt off. Blankets on the boat would have been very welcome but alas, they were absent. Coldness can be very distracting. But the bits I caught were interesting. 

After our cold trip, there was something we NEEDED to experience: CHICAGO PIZZA. And damnnnn it is good. I walked in a day dream to the restaurant (I can’t even remember what it’s called) and I just gorged until I had a lovely big food baby. If you are in Chicago, for goodness sake get yourself pizza. Eat it every night. Live your life to the full. 

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