An Arty Day and Chicago From Above (Days 5 and 6 in Chicago)

Day 5 was mostly spent in The Art Institute.  It was full of many famous and beautiful pieces, both paintings and sculptures, both classic and contemporary.  It is a truly impressive gallery. 

But what’s not so impressive is the price. It was $25 PER PERSON for entry into the gallery. I come from Birmingham, England and we have a beautiful big museum and art gallery and it is free to go into, so I was very shocked by the fee at The Art Institute. Especially since the price was still $22 per person for Chicago residents! That isn’t exactly what I would call ” accessible” pricing… 

After the gallery, we headed to Buddy Guy’s – a blues bar. It was a Tuesday so it wasn’t very lively, but the guy who sang for us (sadly not Buddy Guy, though we got to see a slideshow of photos of him throughout the performance) had a lovely voice. 

The next day we went to Hancock tower, and I was taken into the ladies toilet to see the beautiful views of the city (not a euphemism). Bizarrely, the ladies loos give the best lookout! 

After that, I had a sneak peek in a Sephora and bought some new lippy because they have lots more Urban Decay colours than in the UK. And then it was time for our 7 hour flight home! 

Thank you Chicago and the lovely people I travelled with, it was a blast! 

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