Crescent Moon Earrings by Sugar and Vice

After one of those nights randomly scrolling through Etsy, looking for an unusual and shiny pair of earrings, I hit the jackpot when I came across these beauties from Sugar and Vice (you can find them on Instagram here).

They have a huge range of jewelry which is acrylic and laser-cut, with big bold designs that really stand out! Whenever I wear them, I get compliments and they are exactly what I look for in an earring – big and different.They are actually beautifully iridescent, and change colours – from cool blues to purples.


They are also really light because they are just acrylic (a type of plastic) and so I can wear them all day without them irritating me. There is really nothing not to love about them!

At Β£14 for the pair, I thought it was worth the price since they are quite durable and they are definitely something special. I purchased them a while back from Etsy, but you can buy directly from their website here if you are interested!

Yay or Nay? It’s a definite YAY for these statement earrings.

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