A Break From Veganism

So, if you read my last post (a while back now), you will know that I went to hospital suddenly in Germany for a still-undiagnosed and mysterious bowel problem… I have my own suspicions about what it is but I’ve decided to stop being vegan ,after four months of the diet, to see if it helps with my tummy problems.

Being vegan was surprisingly easy in Spain, France and Italy if you knew where to shop and could cook it yourself – restaurants with vegan options were harder to find generally. But once we entered Austria and Germany, finding vegan food and cooking new things on the hob that didn’t bore me began to get harder. We found ourselves eating the same dishes over and over and then I ended up in hospital.

I don’t want to give up veganism in the long term though. I still really believe that it is the way forward and the best diet for ethical and environmental reasons, and I did see a little improvement in the tummy cramps I’d been getting by cutting out the dairy. My new plan is to see a specialist about my bowel issues when I’m home in the UK and also discuss my vegan diet with them so I know I’m doing it properly and getting all the nutrients I need.

In the meantime, I’m back to being vegetarian. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to just eating meat because it feels weird to me now. I must say that I did miss cheese while being vegan but I’m still drinking soy milk instead of animal milk as I can’t really tell the difference…

So I’m trying to tell myself that this is not a failure, it’s just a break while I’m still away. I’m going to be vegan again soon but in a healthier way than before.